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19 February 2020

18 February 2020

     21:24  User talk:TheGoodContributor‎‎ 7 changes history +1,524 [WobblingAmber271‎; ErtasVideos‎ (2×); TheGoodContributor‎ (4×)]
21:24 (cur | prev) +166 ErtasVideos talk contribs →‎I'm staying a secret
20:13 (cur | prev) +1,124 TheGoodContributor talk contribs I have an important announcement... No external links to accounts for Zenko-related pages. I want to keep every account I have or will have a secret so I stay safe from doxxing and worse. I'm not trying to vandalize ever again, I'm just saying. If you have anything to say to me, then this is what my Talk page is there for, and I'll respond.
19:19 (cur | prev) -125 TheGoodContributor talk contribs Undo revision 1529 by WobblingAmber271 (talk) Tag: Undo
18:20 (cur | prev) +125 WobblingAmber271 talk contribs Fuck you, Zenny.
15:39 (cur | prev) -80 TheGoodContributor talk contribs
10:03 (cur | prev) +144 ErtasVideos talk contribs →‎Delete all the dox files since doxxing is illegal
09:08 (cur | prev) +170 TheGoodContributor talk contribs So WobblingAmber271 was the one who doxed me. Well... Then he/she has no right to say anything about me or edit the Zenko pages no more.
     21:18  Zenko‎‎ 17 changes history -63 [PENNYISJUSTAMASSIVETHOT‎; IAmEiji‎; WobblingAmber271‎ (2×); Portrock1566‎ (2×); TheGoodContributor‎ (11×)]
21:18 (cur | prev) -2 TheGoodContributor talk contribs
21:16 (cur | prev) -61 TheGoodContributor talk contribs
20:24 (cur | prev) +64 PENNYISJUSTAMASSIVETHOT talk contribs Undo revision 1541 by TheGoodContributor (talk)FOOL Tag: Undo
20:17 (cur | prev) -64 TheGoodContributor talk contribs And off I go! (I'd appreciate if you don't undo edits nor add any external links to accounts. I want to stay safe from doxxing and harassment.) Tag: Undo
20:16 (cur | prev) +64 Portrock1566 talk contribs Nullified. Tag: Undo
19:53 (cur | prev) -64 TheGoodContributor talk contribs No external links to sites or accounts that I have/had, please. I'm staying private and I'd appreciate if I don't get trolled or harassed. Also, I've reformed and became a much better person. I'm not vandalizing for undoing my doxxer's edit. You know how illegal it is to dox or stalk someone. It's best not to do it. I know you all hate me but we had this discussion before and all is said and done. Tag: Undo
19:51 (cur | prev) +64 IAmEiji talk contribs Shut it, Zenny.
19:21 (cur | prev) -13 TheGoodContributor talk contribs
19:19 (cur | prev) -51 TheGoodContributor talk contribs
18:24 (cur | prev) +47 WobblingAmber271 talk contribs
15:37 (cur | prev) +2 TheGoodContributor talk contribs
15:34 (cur | prev) -49 TheGoodContributor talk contribs
13:05 (cur | prev) +39 WobblingAmber271 talk contribs Don't act like a smartass, Zenny.
08:53 (cur | prev) 0 TheGoodContributor talk contribs I know you all hate me, but that still doesn't give you any right to dox me, troll me or worse. Especially since doxxing is illegal and wrong. No mentioning of any external links/personal sites since it's best to keep whatever personal sites we have private. My days as Zenko are over.
08:47 (cur | prev) -39 TheGoodContributor talk contribs Doxxers are not allowed to edit the Zenko page. I'm glad that the dox is gone and it should stay gone. I want to stay safe from getting doxed and trolled. Besides, my days as Zenko are over and I have reformed for good.
03:01 (cur | prev) +49 Portrock1566 talk contribs Undo revision 1501 by TheGoodContributor (talk) Tag: Undo
02:34 (cur | prev) -49 TheGoodContributor talk contribs
     19:55  User:TheGoodContributor‎‎ 6 changes history +677 [TheGoodContributor‎ (6×)]
19:55 (cur | prev) -27 TheGoodContributor talk contribs
19:51 (cur | prev) +303 TheGoodContributor talk contribs
09:24 (cur | prev) +11 TheGoodContributor talk contribs
09:22 (cur | prev) -61 TheGoodContributor talk contribs
09:18 (cur | prev) +62 TheGoodContributor talk contribs
09:15 (cur | prev) +389 TheGoodContributor talk contribs I may come here now and then just to check the pages on me (to make sure that there is no doxxing/no mention of personal sites/.etc), but other than that, I'm off.
     18:39  The Outcast Network‎‎ 2 changes history +146 [Portrock1566‎; IAmEiji‎]
18:39 (cur | prev) +57 IAmEiji talk contribs
01:39 (cur | prev) +89 Portrock1566 talk contribs
     16:23  User talk:IAmEiji‎‎ 2 changes history -259 [WobblingAmber271‎; Portrock1566‎]
16:23 (cur | prev) -441 Portrock1566 talk contribs Blanked the page Tag: Blanking
05:12 (cur | prev) +182 WobblingAmber271 talk contribs
N    12:37  Sanjay and Craig‎‎ 2 changes history +431 [‎;‎]
12:37 (cur | prev) +75 talk
10:45 (cur | prev) +356 talk Created page with "Lookin' for a pet one day, Sanjay found a talking snake, And the perfect match was made, Jumpin' in his arms to say -- Craig: Dude! Sanjay: What's up! Sanjay and Craig! The..."
N    10:55  Dickass diffhist +776 talk Created page with "'''Ohhh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh {{featured}} Ohhh-oh-oh-ohh-ohhh Skullbania's in mania fighting to keep their rule From the evil magic big toe of the Venomous Drool One barbarian ent..."
N    10:51  The Reason why 12 Year Old Kids Suck diffhist +313 talk Created page with "Here you go guys: BTW, you probably should watch this video because you gory and unlikable, Gosh, I really wanted..."
N    10:46  Dead Fart diffhist +28 talk Created page with "Dead Bert is a Dead Fart!!!!"
N    10:41  NIGGA FART diffhist +46 talk Created page with "Nigga Fart poop ew haha {{go!Fag}} {{faggot}}"
N    10:39  Dead Bart diffhist +47 talk Created page with "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1"
     10:07  (Move log) [Portrock1566‎; ErtasVideos‎]
10:07 ErtasVideos talk contribs moved page Idiotpedia to Nocyclopedia(Changed)
01:56 Portrock1566 talk contribs moved page File:Generic gangbang.jpg to File:Generic gangbang (NSFW).jpg(God fucking dammit I forgot again!!!)
     10:06  Idiotpedia diffhist +71 ErtasVideos talk contribs
     10:05  User:ErtasVideos diffhist +311 ErtasVideos talk contribs →‎Story
 m   01:54  User:Portrock1566 diffhist +43 Portrock1566 talk contribs
     01:52 Upload log Portrock1566 talk contribs uploaded File:Generic gangbang.jpg